Kindergarten Common Core ELA Standards: Document contains all of the ELA CCSS in a very cute format. Created by Sandy Potter in RCCSD.

Kindergarten Concept Questions:

Unit 1 Concept Questions

Unit 1 Concept Questions SMART Board

Unit 2 Concept Questions

Unit 2 Concept Questions SMART Board

Unit 3 Concept Questions

Unit 3 Concept Questions SMART Board

Unit 4 Concept Questions

Unit 4 Concept Questions SMART Board

Unit 5 Concept Questions

Unit 5 Concept Questions SMART Board

Unit 6 Concept Questions SMART Board

Scott Foresman Targeted Skills aligned to Common Core Standards:

Kindergarten Unit 1 Common Core.doc

Kindergarten Unit 2 Common Core.docx

Kindergarten Unit 3 Common Core.docx

Kindergarten Unit 4 Common Core.docx

Kindergarten Unit 5 Common Core.docx

Kindergarten Unit 6 Common Core.docx

Skills Posters for Kindergarten: These are the Scott Foresman Reading Skills that are introduced weekly. They are in kid-friendly language and explain "what" the skill is and "why" the skill is important to learn.

Character Poster

Setting Poster

Classify and Categorize Poster

Compare and Contrast

Realism and Fantasy



Main Idea

Cause and Effect

Draw Conclusions

Great Websites and Resources for Kindergarten Teachers:

Waltke's Web: This website has everything including powerpoints, printouts, and much more!

Kinderglynn Website

This website was done by a Red Clay Teacher, Donna Glynn! There are printable resources for all of the units that go with Scott Foresman.

Literacy Malden Wikispace Great resources for Scott Foresman can be found on this website including Daily Writing Prompts, Amazing Word Activities, and much more!

Cheryl Tice's Technology Infused Reading Lessons that go with Scott Foresman

Mitchell Elementary Kindergarten Wiki

Kindergarten Kove

Kindergartener's Rock This wiki has lots of resources for Reading Street!

The New Carl's Corner: Little Book Lane

Dr. Jean

Songs and activities and brain activities to use!

Kelly's Kindergarten

Into the Book: Comprehension Strategies, Posters, and Songs


DIBELS Online Interventions


Free downloads of classroom labels, flashcards, charts, masks, and story props

Making Learning Fun Welcome to Making Learning Fun: An early childhood education website filled with free printables designed to do just that, make learning fun!

Elkonin Boxes

Elkonin boxes can be used to teach phonemic awareness by having students listen for individual sounds and marking where they hear them in the boxes. Each box in an Elkonin box card represents one phoneme, or sound.