Preschool Resources

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Delaware Department of Education's-- Delaware Early Learning Foundations- Preschool Click on the link to the left to learn about the Delaware Early Learning Foundations for Preschool, which were revised in 2010. According to the Delaware Department of Education, this document is "intended to be a curriculum framework and used as a guide for daily, weekly, and monthly planning" in preschool classrooms in Delaware. This document describes what developmentally appropriate literacy and language instruction, as well other instruction, should resemble in Delaware preschools. Starfall teaches letter names, letter sounds, beginning and ending sounds, sight word recognition, and many other appropriate reading skills for preschool. Visit Mrs. Alexander's website to see videos of preschool children and of teachers using the "Tucker Signs" and "Cheering" sight words. Go to the "Videos" link on Mrs. Alexander's site. Get great ideas for reading related activities for preschoolers. Visit to find out how parents can support early literacy at home.