Unit 4 Benchmark video

4th grade Common Core Standards Word.doc: This document contains all of the 4th Grade ELA CCSS

4th Grade Scott Foresman Posters Aligned with Common Core:

4th Grade Unit 1 Common Core

4th Grade Unit 2 Common Core

4th Grade Unit 3 Common Core

4th Grade Unit 4 Common Core

4th Grade Unit 5 Common Core

4th Grade Unit 6 Common Core

Reading Skills Posters: Scott Foresman Reading Street Reading Skills Posters that are student friendly and explain "What" the skill is and "Why" the skill is important to learn. All skills are aligned to Common Core Standards.

Author's Purpose Poster

Sequence Poster

Main Idea and Details Poster

Vocabulary Poster

Fact and Opinion Poster

Cause and Effect Poster

Summarize Poster

Drawing Conclusions Poster

Generalize Poster


Scott Foresman Concept Questions:

Unit 1 Concept Map 4th Grade

Unit 1 Concept Map SMART Board

Unit 2 Concept Map 4th Grade

Unit 2 Concept Map SMART Board

Unit 3 Concept Map 4th Grade

Unit 3 Concept Map SMART Board

Unit 4 Concept Questions

Unit 4 Concept Map SMART Board

Unit 5 Concept Questions

Unit 5 Concept Questionsfor SMART Board

Unit 6 Concept Questions

Unit 6 Concept Questions for SMART Board

4th Grade Websites and Resources:

Waltke's Web:

This website is a great resource and has powerpoint presentations, vocabulary games, and many other resources to go with each unit and story in Scott Foresman!

The Box of Crayons: Resources for all 4th Grade Stories

Mrs. Goggan's 4th Grade Reading: Trifolds and Scavenger Hunts for the SF Stories

Reading Street Resources for Teachers by Flewis-ScottsboroLots of teacher and student Resources can be found on this website!

Mitchell Elementary School Wiki-Includes Assessment Resources and much more!

Mrs. Howard's Site

Great site with tri-folds for each 4th grade story to practice skills and strategies.

Into the Book

Resources for teachers to teach all of the comprehension strategies with songs, posters, and videos. There is also a student activity for each strategy.

Busy Teacher's Cafe

Lots of printables and resources for everything including graphic organizers for vocabulary!

Study Guide Power Point Presentations: This site has a powerpoint presentation to review all of the stories in the SF reading series. There is a question on each slide followed by the correct answer. Great for review each week during whole group lesson!

Vocabulary Matching Cards by V. Brechemin (Marbrook)

4th Grade Unit 2 Vocab Matching.doc

4th grade Unit 3 Vocab matching.doc

4th grade unit 4 vocab matching.doc

4th grade unit 5 vocab matching.doc

4th grade unit 6 vocab matching.doc

Vocabulary Dominoes by L. Clifton (Richey Elementary)

The Houdini Box dominoes.doc

Seeker of Knowledge Vocab Dominoes.doc

Encyclopedia Brown Vocab Dominoes.doc

Encantado Dominoes.doc

The Houdini Box dominoes 2.doc

Story Trifolds for Unit 5 by L. Clifton (Richey Elementary)

Moonwalk Trifold.pub

Antarctic Journal Trifold.pub

Sailing Home Trifold.pub